Caroline Showell-Rogers 

Qualified Educational Assessor and Specialist Teacher

Caroline is in her fifteenth year teaching at a top Oxford independent school, SENCo for nine years and private specialist assessor for seven. Assessments provide a detailed analysis of cognitive strengths and weaknesses, offering next steps to supporting your child's education.  A Masters in Education (SpLD), a post graduate diploma from Dyslexia Action in literacy development and difficulties, qualification by the SpLD Assessment Standards Committee (SASC) has deepened her knowledge and experience in this field.

Caroline believes very much that a clear understanding of how brains tick will empower educators and pupils to optimize the learning experience, leading to greater achievement for all.

Reports can help inform onward referrals for Autism, ADHD and Dyspraxia assessment, as well as, evidence in disability student allowance applications and exam concessions (i.e. additional time + rest breaks) for secondary school examinations.  

Comments from parents:

"Many thanks for your detailed report. I have sent it to our SENCo and hopefully she can begin to put things in place to help our daughter further.  Thank you so much for your time and effort with our daughter. It is very much appreciated."

Mrs Showell-Rogers is an amazing teacher; my son is incredibly lucky to have her calm, assured and experienced guidance through the minefield of deciphering this bewilderingly unruly code called English."

"We must mention that we were deeply impressed by the report. It was one of the most helpful reports received, and certainly the warmest conveying a lot of care for our son."

"We found your report very detailed and helped us to understand our son's needs better."

"Kudos for filling these children with belief in their own abilities and the resilience to tackle challenges." 

"You have made my child feel confident, happy and loved." 

"My son has blossomed in your care." 

"You are so positive, friendly, approachable and skilled as a teacher."

"We would have felt a little lost at sea without you fighting our corner."

"Our son clearly trusts and respects you and enjoys and gains a huge amount from your sessions together."

"Our son said this morning that his creative writing has "really improved during lockdown." A part of the issue has been confidence so thank you so much for all your help in getting us this far."